happy 89th Roy Haynes ...


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Happy Birthday, Roy Haynes!

Most important living drummer? I think probably. I saw Roy last year and a couple years before that, performing with his Fountain Of Youth group in Detroit. He still sounds great and man, can that cat dress! Clean as a broke dick dog....


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... a living legend who happened to achieve the greatest possible ride cymbal sound right here on this Chick Corea record

That cymbal sound had such a huge influence on me. I think the whole ECM catalog owes a debt to that recording just for the cymbal sound.

Roy has always been crazy progressive. Not many cats played with Bird during the bop era, Trane during the post-bop era and then also did the whole third stream thing. Roy did not fear the avant garde, he embraced it.

Lots to learn from this great master, and it goes way beyond just the notes he played.


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First time I saw him,was on Ed Sullivan,and there was something.."special" about him.Lots of joy in his playing.The guy can still bring it..old school,and musical.Happt B day Roy.

Steve B


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I saw him just about a year ago at Ronnie Scott's. It was really cool, but kinda' sad, too, seeing him as an old man. Doesn't mean he swung any less though!