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Hey all, I wanted to share some pics from my band's recent Halloween gig. We played on a patio on the shore's of a small lake/pond in Kaohsiung, Taiwan (where we all live). It was a great gig, and we got to share the stage with four other equally great bands. A ton of fun was had by all.

This is the first time I've ever played with that much makeup on, and I was really worried that it was going to run into my eyes and render me blind half-way through a song and I'd be forced to stop. It happened to our singer, because he jumps around a lot and sweats like crazy. Halfway through our set he got some of the white base in his eyes and couldn't see. Had to rinse it out with water, and then he was fine!

Oh, by the way, our band is called "Fights With Monsters" and I think we won hands down for the creepiest costume(s) of the night! It totally amazed me how many people came up to us after the show and told us how scared of clowns they are and (in the words of a good friend) "What you've done is wrong. So wrong. So very, very wrong."

If anyone is interested, I have some vids of songs for the show, and I'll put up some youtube links. If anyone actually cares. ;)


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That's a fun looking gig, & well done for getting your band to coordinate their stage outfits so well. I have difficulty getting my band to wear the same shirt most of the time!

Yes, video links please, I'm more than interested to hear you :)