Halloween Costume Ideas


The Old Hyde

Has anyone ever played a Halloween gig in costume before? I have a Halloween gig to play on the 27th and need some costume ideas. Nothing too hot or baggy, keeping in mind I am playing drums. Thanks for any ideas and suggestions.


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Be very careful of overheating. The first Halloween gig I did with my old show band back in the 70's was a lesson in thick costumes and hot lights. Our two horn players dressed up as Tweedle Dee and Tweedle Dum by stuffing oversize clothes and nylon hosiery with fiberfill. The only things exposed to the air were their heads and hands. By the end of the first set they were dying. I was almost as stupid dressing up as Bigfoot in a fur outfit. I knew that singing in a mask was a non-starter, so I sheared off a bunch of the fur from scraps and glued it to my face with theatrical glue. Which you have to dissolve by soaking your face in turpentine. Not fun.

Since then it's been simple loose outfits. Grim Reaper, zombie, etc. This year I have a thin flight suit and it's going to be a Ghostbuster.