Had a Parade Today


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Today I spent my day holding heavy drums on an uncomfortable harness while marching down Constitution Ave. in Washington, D.C. And I feel satisfied, a good kind of tired.

This season's parade tune was and arrangement of Rocky, and the part for tenors wasn't hard; though I'm not complaining. I haven't marched since last Veteran's Day!

On a sort of tangent, I've been playing in my high school's drumline since the end of my sophomore year (now a junior), and I've felt a noticeable improvement in set drumming based on experience in the line.

I know Bo has played with BD before, so I can't be the only marcher here.

Any drum line guys?


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I "marched" 4 years in high school and 1 year in the US Navy . Get in shape and rock on!!!


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Hell yea dude. I marched bass my freshman year, and snare the other three years of high school. I was drum captain my senior year. I loved it until I started studying drum set in college. I'm glad I found another outlet for drumming... if I hear 8 on a hand one more time I think I'll go postal or something.


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I LOVE drumlines! Nothing sounds more beautiful during a parade than a killer cadence coming at you from 4 blocks away! I miss it too. I played tenors and snare from 6th grade til I graduated high school then taught for a couple of years while in college. I still to this day bust out my old music and charts just for fun.