Guitar centre drum off winner 2012.


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And one of the grading criteria is audience reaction, which we don't get to fully see/hear in a youtube clip.
I was there, in the top section of Club Nokia (where there are seats, as opposed to the floor). Standing ovation all around. He was great.

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That was superb! The creativity and technique displayed were both phenomenal! He definitely deserved that win for sure.
As for the octopad - who cares? I mean he's hitting it with a drum stick whilst still playing a solid beat. As far as I'm concerned, the octopad should have been allowed in this competition before last year. Just my 0.02!



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Let me start off by saying that it was a great performance. Well done and well deserved.

My gripe is - Octapad. Not everyone has one, or even has access to one. There's little chance you will advance if you don't find a way to incorporate it into your solo.

DRUMS, man. Drums are challenging enough. If it's too boring watching drums solo for 5 mintues at a stretch, hire a band. Have a house band each drummer can play with. THEN, you'll see who the players are.


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I tend to agree. They need to play songs, ideally with a band. I get bored quickly of just watching someone hit drums really fast. The electronic pad is interesting, but sounds a bit cheesy to my ear.