Gretsch Rosewood Snare 8x14?


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Anybody have any experience with this beauty? I just came across it for the first time and am in love with it. Obviously not in love with the price tag though. Furthermore, the net doesn't appear to have much info on it which leads me to believe it'll be difficult finding a used model. Any help is appreciated!


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I've played it a little, but I would not say that I am intimately familiar with the range of sounds it can produce. We did a video demo which does a decent job of capturing a few different tunings. I can say that it is probably the most popular of all the Gretsch snares we carry. That said, I have no idea about the used market for them, sorry.

If you've got specific questions, feel free to ask!


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Haha, nice. That was actually the one I saw that made me interested. Those videos are great, thanks for doing them.


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Mmmm. That's Exactly the tone I am looking for.

Unfortunately, it's way out of my price range.


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I personally brought a Gretsch Rosewood 14"x8" the other day.
Here's my comments about the Rosewood Snare:
1.Evans HD Dry/Hazy 300 With Puresound twisted 20 strand snare wires it sounds dark, deep and articulate.
2." " with Puresound 30 strand snare wires, it sounds more like a marching snare.

so this snare is very versatile based on the snare wires you're using for whatever setup you desire.
Personally,it has pure beauty in how a snare should sound like.
I say its worth the investment.


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Is the Gretsch Rosewood snare made in the USA? I know it's part of the Full Range line rather than USA Custom, but is it made in Taiwan like the Renowns?

edit: I received confirmation from two dealers that this is a Taiwan-made drum. Nothing wrong with that; I love my Renowns. But for the price, it would somehow be easier for me to justify if it were made in Ridgeland.
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