Gretsch Renown Snare Repair - Finish Cracked


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The singer in my band grabbed my snare to move it and he knocked it over, while in stand and it fell hitting the snare release - adjustment part dead on...Didn't notice anything to begin with but now I see that the finish is cracked, looks like windshield crack, around the snare release part...It is a Gretsch Renown Maple snare...The shell isn't damaged but finish is...Is there anything I can do to repair this or should I just leave it ? Would hate for the cracks to spread and then have the entire snare finish come apart...Being Renown snare, I beleive that this is a lacquer finish and not a wrap...Any suggestions other than sticking a couple of drumsticks up singers ''''...Better not go there...Thanks y'all...


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...Any suggestions other than sticking a couple of drumsticks up singers ''''
This is really the only suggestion I have... But really I don't think there's much you can do. If it bugs you too much you could sell it and buy a new snare, and I would make the singer help pay.

I would just keep it though.
Do you have any pictures?

My guess is that you can sand through the crack to make it smooth depending upon how deep it is. You would likely have to wet sand and buff. If Gretsch can;t do anything for you, and I don't expect they would, I would take it to a fine furniture refinisher andd see if they can do it for you, as they likely have nice belt sanders, etc.