"Gretsch Drums are a drag."


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... If he's not digging Cindy's track, he probably has a reason, and solid footing for it. ...
FWIW - The Cindy Blackman album that Billy is referring to is awesome IMHO. The comments by Billy should not scare people away from getting her album. Very good album to introduce people who don't know her into her playing. May not be everyone's style preference, but it is not something you hear everyday by any means. Billy could have complimented Cindy more on that one instead of ripping into her first (what it seemed like to me). She is a very skilled player and artist.



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Like any company that lasts, Gretsch has had its problems over the years. I remember back in the late 70's - mid 80's Ludwig drums were garbage. Now they've recovered. Gretsch has done the same.

I was actually thinking about getting a Gretsch maple kit...after I steal some money! Ha!


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Okay, so here's my question. I want a set of Gretsch drums that are made with the exact same process that video described. Drums that are made by those same people using those same tools. Those are the drums I want. What are those drums? Certainly not the Catalinas. Which ones are they then? What are they called? I'm guessing that these are the top-of-the-line Gretsch drums, the classics, the best. What are they called and where do I get them?
No, not the Catalinas, they are an import drum, I have a set of them, and they're great, but I doubt they have the materials and workmanship quality control that Gretsch in the USA has. I once owned a kit of 1980's Gretsch, I SHOULD have kept them, but I was a noob.

I bought a kit of the Catalina Rock, they sound more like old Slingerland drums to me, most likely due to the Mahogany in the shells. Nice drum, but not a REAL Gretsch.

Most respect the badge, but all fear the drum.


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I think too many folks are commenting on the comments and NOT how they came about. The whole "Before & After" page solicits comments from the person before they know who the artist is. Then after they tell the person the artists' names and then get more comments.

Track 4 - Before

Billy Cobham's Comments:
There’s nothing there for me. This is jazz in a way that I don’t particularly care for. [heavy sigh] It sounds like five individuals."
THEN he was told who it was.

If you click on the other comments, you get a better idea of where his head's at. He seems more blunt and honest than a jerk.

wy yung

Who is actually making Gretsch drums these days, is it Keller?


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well, my brand new Gretsch Catalina Club Mod shell pack certainly is NOT a drag. I love it!

tasty mahogany goodness :)

and I don't care that it's not made in the USA, it still sounds amazing. and I got it for a really good price too.

jay norem

I think too many folks are commenting on the comments and NOT how they came about.
I can't see how that would make any difference. However how his comments came about, he said what he said. There's no context issue here.


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Well, everyone's got an opinion, right? If Gretsch kits aren't well made, I guess I've been lucky then to only hear the 20 or so good kits they ever produced. But I do live a charmed life.
I'm with harry. I'm not going to say anything about Billy regarding what he said-- if he really thinks Gretsch isn't putting anything to his interest out there on the market, then he doesn't have to play them. I think a listen to my new renowns might change his tune, but that may just be me. Probably just a bad day for him and he felt like he needed to say something nasty.