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while driving through nashville, i stopped at forks drum closet and saw a champagne sparkle gretsch bop kit in the corner. the clerk said they are vintage jasper shells with all holes filled, new silver sealer, recut bearing edges, new wrap, and all new hardware. sam bacco lives in nashville and used to work at the original gretsch factory. he is a certified gretsch builder. all drums he assembles are legitimate gretsch's.

has anyone heard of these drums. they were the best i have ever heard.

thanks guys,


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He is licensed by gretsch to do these restorations. He uses genuine parts with real gretsch badges and official serial numbers...

I need to get those drums.


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The GRETSCH Secret Paint is really made for airplanes and it has aluminum in the paint-you can buy it at all hardware stores nowadays-not everyone carried it 30 years ago it was more of a Secret back then..