Gretsch 130th Anniversary retrolux snare?


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Nice looking kit, a real eye catcher. But they overdid the badge and it sort of detracts from the aesthetic.


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I check the snare today its cool but dont have a serial number or tag? Is that fake ?
I did not see SN or Tag on the RetroLuxe at GC nor on the numerous pics on google.. I believe there are a few board members that own these drums and they basically mirror the quality of the Gretsch Renown series. Only the gold/black come with cast hoops though. I had heard that only 30 were made that way.

As to real/fake... The Renown is basically a well done Taiwanese copy of a Gretsch USA custom. It's already a (licensed, sanctioned, legal, Gretsch branded) fake. In the case of this particular eBay sale, why would anyone fake a fake?

There are some non-cast Retroluxes on eBay at the moment, lowest at $100-ish