Gretsch 10" add on


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So I have a 79-80 Grestch stop sign badge kit that has been rewrapped in red sparkle. Sizes 12x8 tom 16x16 floor tom and 20x14 kick. I would really like to add a 10" tom but finding one from that era is not only difficult the ones that are out there cost an arm and a leg. So what I'm thinking about doing is getting a renown 10" and covering it in the same wrap. Anyone have any thoughts?


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I’m in a very similar situation: wanted to expand my 1980ish Gretsch kit, but where to find a match?

Well, after years of trolling Craigslist, an exact match came up. Freaking exact! I couldn’t believe it! It’s a bit of a long story, but it ends with me getting a beautiful 8 inch tom to expand my nice old kit.

So my answer to your question: er, I dunno, it was mostly just luck for me. But somewhere out there is your drum, looking for you.

Bon chance!


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So I ended up winning a bid on a beat up renown maple 10x8 on ebay for 80 bones, with the mounting hardware. So with the wrap I'll have $120 in it when everything is said and done with. Not too shabby?


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I have my eye out for some rosewood USA stuff... If you wait long enough, it will come along. For me the only question is will I have the money when the exact item comes up?