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This past Thursday, on my weekly music shopping spree, I picked up some records that I overlooked when they were first released. All recommended.

As a huge Black Sabbath (Ozzy-era) fan, I don't know why I never got the Geezer Butler solo works. I love his bass playing, lyrics and composer skills. Anyway, I picked up all 3. They are all good, but Black Science is an outstanding listen. Vocalist Clark Brown is amazing and Deen Castronovo's work on this album is incredible. He's got this tribal motif going in a lot of the songs, with some really wild cymbal work. Great stuff. A new fave in the metal genre for me.

Next, I picked up Banyan's Anytime At All. Banyan is Jane's Addiction drummer Stephen Perkins' side project. It's a grand mixture of funk, jazz, free-form, rap and rock. Really cool.

I am also a late comer to The Black Crowes and can't get enough of them now. Chris Robinson's New Earth Mud record is a fine selection of mellow tunes that pay homage to the Neil Young style of country-rock, gospel, folk and the like. One of the best collections of songs I've heard in a long time. Chris is the real deal.

Next, I picked up Faith No More's King For A Day, Fool For A Lifetime album. When in doubt, find something that Mike Patton's involved in. As for drumming, Mike Bordin is wonderful in my book. He plays with a restraint that highlights his musicality, with just the right amount of reckless abandon when needed.

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