Great gig last night


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One of the bands I play in had a gig at one of our regular venues last night, and it was a lot of fun. I played better than I have in a while, and more consistently throughout the whole evening.

Nothing earth-shattering, just sharper. I can't attribute it to any one thing, but I'm thinking that spending time here gets my mental juices flowing, and has to be helping. It was a really good feeling, doing things in a way that I always want to, but don't always accomplish properly.

So thanks, gang! Let's see if it holds thru tonight's gig :)

Rattlin' Bones

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That happens to me sometimes, too. Like I'm listening to somebody else play and he's really good. It just all comes out naturally and way above my normal skill level. An OUT-OF-DRUMMER sorta experience. Most of the time I marginal at best lol. But every so often.....................


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You should start recording the performances, let’s hear it
Ah, that's when it all comes crashing back to earth, lol. Yesterday I watched some Facebook videos that friends posted from that night. Gives me perspective on what I felt like versus what the video evidence shows.

Still happy with the night. The following night went nearly as well, which was also good. The thinking part of the process seems to be doing ok. Now to spend time practicing the physical stuff!

Drumming is pretty cool, isn't it?