Great deal on tama swingstars

Russian Drummer

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I was so excited about my new kit, I had to register and spread the work of my great scoop.

11x12 Tom
12x13 Tom
12x14 Tom
14x16 Tom
16x18 Tom
All toms are mounted on a gibraltar rack (or a tom mount for the two largest), none of them touch the floor.
5.5x14 Snare
16x22 Kick

Toms have G1/G2 heads, Superkick II/Regulator on kick, Genera HD/Hazy 300 on snare. Finish is metallic grey, but not the sparkly kind. It looks like sheet aluminum. Very metal.

Cymbals: (Zildjian unless stated)
15" Avedis Crash x2
14" Avedis Crash
20" Avedis Vintage Ride
8" A Series Custom Splash
16" Oriental China Trash
14" Sabian Flat Hats
16" Sabian Pro Crash

Also included (as an extra) were a full set of B8 cymbals, 2x Crash, Ride, Hats. As were three booms stands, and one straight stand. All other cymbals mount on the rack. Then I added my current double pedal.

And all of it for the low, low price of 1200 CANADIAN dollars. One hell of a deal.

My camera is broken; this is how it is set up:

And yes, I have very long arms.

Any thoughts?