Good standard cymbal-sets, which to choose?


I haven't tried the Meinls...

But i have I have played on ZBTs for a reallllll short while and B8s for a little longer than that.

ZBTs sound like garbage to me. B8s are the better entry level cymbals in my opinion, though not by much.

Use your own ears though. Go to the music store and hit all the cymbals your heart desires and pick out the ones you like that are in your budget.


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I am afraid you may tire of any of those sets in time. Try to find better used cymbals and if possible let your ear decide. It's tough to find what your ear likes and what fits your wallet.


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You should add Paiste PST3s to that list, they are wayyyyyyyyy better than the Sabian B8s and the Zildjan ZBTs. The PST3s are great sounding cymbals, i think if you get those you will really enjoy them.


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See I would just skip any entry level cymbals and just go right for what you really want. I'd rather have one great ride and one great crash than a whole set of so so cymbals. It costs less in the long run, (because if you're serious, you will eventually own a set of cymbals you covet) plus you get to play on beautiful sounding stuff from the start. I can't in good conscious recommend anything less than the best.


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I agree with larryace. You can't upgrade the sound of a cymbal like you can with a drum (better heads, good tuning). If you plan to stick with drumming, you are going to spend money on good cymbals eventually, so it's cheaper to buy the good stuff up front. I bought an entry level cymbal package, then ended up springing for Bosphorus cymbals a couple of months later. Check out