good drumset?


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im looking for a GOOD, CHEAP, drumset. that comes with HARDWARE. or if theres one that any of you find is a good kit, and doesnt have hardware, please mention it as well :). thank you.
how cheap is cheap?

Bevause if your just starting you could maybe go for a cb drum kit and use spare money for some hardware or if you do play drums what kit are you upgrading from?


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i've been playing percussion for about 3 years, i've been working with a "Ludwig Pinnacle" 5 peice set for about a year and half. extremely begginer set. and i want to upgrade. but im limited on money. im not looking for any particulr brand, just any drumse tthat people have feedback on.
i looked up the pinacle kit and the price said was about 500$ so that for about 700 doesn't seem like much of a step up.

look for second hand kits in your local classified and on craigslist or ebay.

i have had an old yamaha custom for my drumming history. (like a 15 year old drumkit and i have had it for the past 3 years since i started playing)

I just a few hours ago changed the batter heads on all but bass and the resonant on the snare and i love the sound =)

Were i live i use the usedeverywhere website and if there is a drumkit near you secondhand go try it out and see what its like.
not much of an upgrade. Good, used kits on ebay i see a bunch everyday. You might occasionally find sweet deals too. Spend like <250$ on used hardware, Which will leave u 750$ to buy a shell pack. 750$ U could buy some vintage ludwig or slingerland or i just saw alot of tama starclassic performer for <650$ on ebay.