good blues set?


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. I'm looking for a set that would compliment stevie ray vaughan type music. i can tune well, i've been drumming for 6 years, and price is not an issue. help please


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Well Chris plays TAMA Superstars, Birch, in the early days and Fibes Kits later on. He used both Maple and Acrylic kits.

So I guess that means go find a kit you love and buy it


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With all due respect, the set has nothing to do with it, it's how you play that set. You could go acrylic, not a material that is on many blues records, (I'm guessing here) and totally play it in context and have it sound great in the blues genre. Still, I'd have to recommend a maple set because that's probably the majority of what you are hearing on most of the recorded blues for the last 100 years. My point is, the drums are secondary to the players feel, in any genre.


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I agree, 100%, my point was Chris played everything and it sounded great. Go find a kit that you like and do not worry about trying to match the sound.


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Agree fully......the way you play is the most important thing mate, worry not about the drums for SRV blues- I love playing blues check out my sounds in my signature link, a few of them are SRV and the like!