Going back to where you started.


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Sort of. After a 30 year hiatus I started playing again. Went to several auditions and finally got in a band and have been enjoying playing gigs again. Numerous times the people I audition for note that I play a bit like Buddy Rich. No not meaning that good but in style. I play traditional so that is what I attributed their comments to. But recently I read a biography of the drum teacher I had the longest and he went to CA and learned from Joe Morello. When I play by myself and just jam to various songs, I think my style comes from the teachings of Joe Morello once removed. Even though I don't play jazz that influence is recognized by others even if they don't know exactly what they are seeing.


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Recently, I've started noticing that my playing in general goes back to a more rock'ish feel, which I had when I started playing. Back when Paice, Ward and Bonham were my greatest influences.
Even if I've played a lot more jazz, fusion and funk throughout my years, I always go back to this rock/prog feel if I just close my eyes and playl. It also comes through in most of my recordings.

Anyone else these kinds of epiphany's?