Girls on drums


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Girl Drummers, What!
Next thing you know we will be letting them go to school, vote, drive, and walk around with there heads uncovered.
Forget it.

I let a girl sit on my kit once and look what happened to my bass drum!



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you want to see and hear a girl who can flat out rock google Roxy Petrucci she is freekin good no matter what the gender.


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... who's up for keeping pace with Didi?
At last!

A mention on this site for Nellyris Negron (aka Didi Negron). I have been following her for about 12 months now. Impressive chops but to really impress me, the drummer has to have groove.

And groove she certainly has. Check out this snippet of her performing in Coverband 2010 at NAMM:

And this one from their rehearsal:

More please Didi!