Ginger Baker Memorabillia and Keith Moon's Cymbal


At the moment, Ginger Baker, on his website is selling tons of personal memorabilia at very cheap prices for fans. - Click on the drummer's journey tag (but most of you probably already knew this). If it ain't listed you can message him a request for something that you would like to buy. I've ordered two pairs of his drumsticks for 25 pounds. The documentary "Beware Of Mr Baker" is amazing.

Anyway, I was on a private collector's website "Christie's" and I jumped out of my seat when one of Keith Moon's personally owned cymbals went for sale - I was going to scramble the money together until I checked the website and noticed it sold for 1500 pounds, I was gutted, that's the bargain of the century.

I emailed the dealers to ask if there was any other Keith Moon items that they knew that was for sale, they said they would have to get in touch with a specialist. So the other day I got a phonecall from a guy in Los Angeles. He said that he had a batter bass skin that belonged to Keith Moon, it had his writing all over it. The setlist of the huge concert he was performing at that night and it's in perfect condition. I asked how much it cost. He then said "a quarter of a million pound it's valued at". I had to apologize for wasting his time, I said about a grand and a half is what I would consider paying for something.

Although he did say he would get in touch if he found something belonging to Keith at that value.

Apparently his drum kit from the "Who Are You" music video is for sale at I think that'll be worth well over 5 mill.

Someone buy me it!


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Ginger Baker, incredible drummer, one of the best.

Ginger Baker, the person, complete arrogant, ahole.
He has always had money problems, was bankrupt before the Cream Reunion.
Guess he blew that money too.

Great talent, but I would not want to have dinner with him, or Buddy Rich for that matter, one of the best, but an ahole.

Now, going out to dinner and whatever came later with Keith Moon, that would be something!! If you survived.


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Great, great drummer, can listen to him all day.
Having just read Ginger Baker's Hellraiser my opinion of the guy as a person went way, way, way, way down. Its clear his recurring money problems are all brought on himself. What is clear is he is a completely uber-honest person, totally unfiltered, but superbly self-centred. Presumably some women were attracted to that, because reading his book I was unsure how he ended up marrying 3 people.
Wouldn't want to meet him. Like Clapton once said : 'Ginger has no interest or regard for people'