Gig report


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Not a report really, just a quick share:

This weekend I was sitting behind my 1970 Ludwig Super Classics (first time out for these guys) as we closed a set with Led Zep Good Times Bad Times. In the middle of a fog machine.

Couldn't see the lead guitarist or bassist, just said to myself I am going to lay down a massive pocket and that's how we communicated, no sight just sound,

Hard to put into words how exhilarating it was!



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What was that about fog?
Cough cough! My asthma is going haywire just looking at that pic!
Does anyone remember an Issac Hayes awards show performance sometime a few years ago of the Theme from Shaft? They used fog machine s and it literally became too much fog! The camera man couldn't even find Issac in all of it and the stage went completely white! One minute he's there behind a keyboard, the next he's gone!


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Cool! It just another experience that will be part of your musical life. It is very satisfying when all of the stars are aligned in a band setting. Peace and goodwill.