Gibraltar Stealth Racks


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May or may not be helpful, but have you watched the short video's by Gibraltar (Brents Hang) on the variety of setups?

There's a few more

I know this does not answer your question about real personal usage, but I think they give a fairly good idea of what they would be like sitting in the drivers seat. I make a small leap by saying, I currently use a rack system and it is rock solid. I would expect the Stealth equipment would be similar.

Actually I really want a stealth rack myself and will do it one day. I love the concept... so contrary to the big rack I have now.


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I've watched the videos. Thats what kind of pushed me in the direction of using them. How is it using a full rack as far as tear down and set up? Keep in mind i play shows 2 to 3 times a week.


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Here's an older thread where a bunch of us talked about the Stealth Rack.

I've had mine for about 5 months now and it has been great. It took a bit to get it where I liked it. I only use the main side rack and still use stands for the other side. If I used more than two cymbal stands on the side I might consider going with a stealth rack, but right now two lighter weight stands works out better.


They work really good and help tidy things up. Used them for years mainly w side cymbals, accessories and such. I had to downsize so Im selling two gibraltar chrime series sidebar systems for cheap. Pm me if interested.