Getting the 'pumping forearm' motion into fast doubles?


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Good day to you all.

I've been working a lot on my 'Double Stroke Roll' over the last few months and I feel I have it now at a level where I really need to bring the pumping forearms in to play to prevent strain on my wrist at faster speeds.

Bill Bachman recommends this in his book "Stick Technique" and also says a bit about it in this video

My question is how do I go about getting this forearm motion working? I've tried doing it just whilst kind of thinking "I will use my forearms and not wrist" but it never happens because when I am playing the doubles fast my wrist is always clearly moving still.

Is the trick to use the motion at a really slow speed at first so I can be 100% sure I have the forearms doing the work and not the wrist?

Hell I don't know help me out guys!


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That has been taking some time to learn for me, too, and it feels a bit harder in left hand lead. So keep on, you'll get there.

I won't go into more detail here - Bill is the man here and he does an excellent job explaining all the details involved on - I strongly recommend checking out his website.

His 44 Modern Rudiments You Need To Know section now has 11 rudiments uploaded there, with 5 more to be added very soon, probably today.

Then there's those 12 Gateway Rudiments having all the essential hand motions, a few extra videos on various aspects and his 26-step Extreme Hands Makeover section. Plus in the 44 Modern Rudiments section, a few rudiments are repeated from the 12 Gateway Rudiments, but with differently structured patterns (the final/full pattern is the same but you're building it up differently), with an extra multi-video section on doubles.

Once you start using a huge number of questions will be resolved once and for all, and following along Bill's explanations and practicing along the videos will give you the wonderful feeling of doing things correctly. That's at least the effect that I've been having from being a subscriber.

BTW, what speed ranges are you talking of? -- I've been using the pumping motion for up to 300 bpm (16ths). Bill's fastest videos on rudiments (each rudiment would have at least 2, usually 3 videos covering various speed ranges in increments of 10 bpm) usually end at 130/140 bpm (32nd notes) if it's a motion based on doubles. To me, anything beyond 300 bpm feels like a buzz roll so I'm lacking (finger) control playing doubles beyond that speed.
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