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Jon B

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Hi all! I'm a younger drummer (14, 15 this year) and lately ive been getting more and more frustrated with making a band/gigging. I want to play in a serious band, so I want talented musicians, the problem is that there seems not to be any in the area. Ive put postings on Craigslist and other sites, Ive talked to friends to see if they know any people, Ive asked around school, all of it. Right now I'm willing to play pretty much anything, but no one is serious enough about it to work on any songs or anything. Any tips on getting a band together? The problem after that is, I'm 14 and you have to be 18 to play in clubs/bars ect. in Indiana, so where can i gig? I'm looking for opinions or inspiration or something here so I don't gouge my eyes out in frustration!


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Assuming you are not just s straight up rocker of metal head:

I am sure your school bands do several gigs a year.

There may also be community band you can play drums in at your community center.

Just jam with people, if they are musically literate it can be a grand old time.

Go to places (that allow people your age), that have open mic nights and try to sit in.

If you want money:

You are 14, so that might be a major turn off for people looking at your ads.


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might want to look more into the liquor laws in your area, I live in British Columbia, and here, underage performers are allowed into bars, only to set up, perform, and tear down. If you're not doing one of those things, you can't be in there, but it does allow you to do your gig. Just this past Saturday I was helping out at a show at a bar with a 15 year old drummer in one of the bands.

As for finding musicians, network with existing bands, I found my band by asking another band's singer if she knew of anyone in need of a drummer. She didn't, but happened to be standing with two guys who overheard, and were themselves in need of a drummer, funny coincidence.


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I'm going to be 50 this year, but when I was your age I found some friends/family and even talked one into learning bass..we have played together on and off for 35 years now..Braincramp started as Phaser in the 70's changed a few member became Kaos in the 80's Badax in the 90's and Braincramp in the '10's we have all played in other bands through the years but have kept in my advice is start close to home friends/family Good Luck!