Gadd transcription

Alain Rieder

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I've loved this song since it came out in 1981. Gadd's feel is just so amazing here. The song itself was written by Richard Page, Jay Graydon & Marc Jordan.

At the time, I remember having my first experience walking with a Walkman I had borrowed. I was in the country and had a copy of this LP on a cassette.
Now we take it from granted that we can listen to music anywhere with a good sound, but that first time was just magical! On the other side of the same cassette I remember that I had Gino Vannelli's NightWalker (with Vinnie Colaiuta).

I didn't check your transcription Toni, it looks fine though, but there's three bars leading to the guitar solo, including the one-bar fill, that I would have written as four bars of 3/4. Both versions make sense, though.

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