G.L Stone's Stick control 4 members warm up

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I might give the first page to a student so they have some sort of routine, but honestly I prefer to use other stuff, especially for other uses.

Odd-Arne Oseberg

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I know. I simply get through the same stuff in a different way and like to organize material in a way I find more relevant to the art of playing music on the drums.


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Hey drummers,


so many ways to apply George L Stone's Stick control ! how do you practice it
That's a great way of practicing it, also in x patterns (left hand/right foot). I've only been practicing it for two weeks and I'm so mad because I didn't do it from the beginning. I practice it on the pad as intended and also with my feet with a double pedal however I have planned to practice it between feet and hands as well but I have to prioritize. I think I really need to practice hand/foot like that because I'm pretty bad at it.

I'm also planning to practice combinations such as the first exercise (single strokes) with my hands and do the first three pages with my feet avoiding flams. That one is really hard, I might do the first page only.

For me as I'm teaching my self it's hard to know what you need to practice or if you are just wasting time. When it's time to move on to another exercise etc.


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Nothing like George L Stone's Stick control for coordination, independence and pattern development. First 3 pages is a lifetimes worth of material. Enjoy the process. BTW, excellent video demonstration of practicing stick control on the set - Beautiful!


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Wonder if Stick Control should have it's own thread? Would be cool to hear the different ways to practice the book.

Since I've only been playing for a year, I found the following to be very rewarding.

I've been practicing as recommended by Dom Famularo.
"In Stick Control, play each exercise on the page for one minute each using Full Strokes at a metronome marking bwtween 40 and 60 BPM. You can proceed through the book one page page week to condition your muscles with the Free Stroke."

To practice the Power Stroke, where elbow generates the stroke, he says:
"this type of reflex action is very important in modern drum-set movement. Use pages 5,6,7 of Stick Control to practice the Power Stroke. Set the metronome very slow in order to return to the starting position between each stroke. It swill help strengthen larger muscles."

+1 Patrick. Amazing to think of a simple approach to practicing the book. I'm sure the cross technique will be CROSSING ME UP!!
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of course practice ex 1 to 72, 4 times each exercise in full strokes then the same in down strokes then the same each exercise in down stroke altenating 4 times with left hand and the same alternating with right hand then go to the next exercise to the end... always using the metronome at a confortable tempo with out any tension... go slowly but surely... then practice with accent in this way Attt then tAtt, ttAt, and tttA ( A= accent, t = tap) on each exercise using down stroke, tap and up stroke then go to accent and rebound (Stone's 2nd book), you can also practice with flams in the same way than for the accent section using full, down, tap and up strokes... sure one of the best book to develop control, coordination and even independence... for me the magic quartet is Stone, morello, Chaffee, Chester... an entire life to practice...

if you interested you can check this one too : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7oK0xVGRlHI

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