Future Sounds David Garibaldi


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thanks billy, I feel improvements already and I'm excited to know how much better I'll be when it's done. that's why I asked, I know a lot of guys love this book and it has helped in ways that no other book has.


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Went through the entire thing in 1994 and came back asking for seconds! If you complete this book your sense of time and subdivision/modulation will be exponentially greater than when you began.

Some of the exercises take a minute to grab so go slow if need be.


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I've had this book for about 15 years. I must admit I haven't worked through near as much of it as I should have. It's one I keep meaning to dust off and dive into again. Especially after my "rebirth" into the drumming world.


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Hi guys,
So I bought the book a few months ago and have been working very hard on it. I've been practicing every bar at all the temps he gives in the bpm range and I haven't moved to the next bar until everything is really really cooking. Anyway's my question is to anyone who has been through the entire book.

How long did it take you to finish it, and did you see major improvements in your playing, have musicians you've played with mentioned a change in your playing since starting/going through the material. Does it force you to relax more and listen a little harder? What did the book do for you.

I ask because, like I said, I've started it but I'm not anywhere near completing half of it yet and I can already see improvements in my meter, subdivisions and feel. It's also sort forced me to play a little more relax because if I don't I want get through the bar with a good feel. Anyways your thoughts please.