Funk Trio Video


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That was awesome !

I really liked your steady pocket. You seem very comfortable and relaxed and played a solid track. Guitar sound was very clean and everyone was feeling the groove well. Overall, It was excellent especially for improv. I would have liked to hear a bass solo in there, bass player was itching to put it in there. lol

Keep up the good work...


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Feels good... real good.

Believe me, I really hate to say this, but I think you should have pulled back on the busy playing. Not much, but some.
A nice funk groove - enjoyable to listen to.

Given what the guitars were doing I liked your general support - the snare hits generally did a good job of helping everyone keep time. You seem to know how to support them.

When you went into the crazy stuff you can see the guitarists become a little lost at not having that solid beat. :)

You've got some good speed but for the type of music I would have preferred to see a little more restraint in your "solo" - kind of like Morello in Take 5

The only other comment - at 45 seconds I wish your ride would have been a little stronger on the recording. It definitely was the right idea to have it in there.

Thank you for sharing.