FS: Joel Rothman's Compleat Jazz Drummer


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Hey, I wanted to let people know that I have an extra copy of this book available for purchase, brand new, still in shrink wrap. It usually sells for $100-120 plus shipping- I'm asking $70 including shipping.

It's a big hardcover book, over 500 pages long and covers just about everything to do with coordination in jazz, along with kicks and set ups, soloing, breaks, 3/4, and a lot more. It's one of only three method books referenced in the Jack Dejohnette/Charlie Perry book, and contains some similar materials- especially the meter-within-meter stuff- but goes much more in depth.

There are several sections that are different from any other jazz book I've seen, but the part I'm most excited about it is the section covering coordination "with a 12/8 feel". It's not what you might expect- it explores coordination of sixtuplet partials and triplets w/in the triplet of the time feel. This seemed a little goofy to me, until I started running the exercises and realized it was very similar to some of the dense stuff Dejohnette does on slow tempos- check out the slow tunes on John Scofield's Time On My Hands for examples of what I'm talking about. Peter Erskine once said that Dejohnette was the only guy he knew that could play fast at slow tempos, and I think this was the type of stuff he was referring to.

Anyway, I've been aware of this book for over 20 years, but never bought it because it's so expensive; now that I have it, I think it's a classic. If you're interested, please drop me a private message and we can make arrangements. And if you already have this book, I'd be curious to hear your thoughts on it.