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Hello all, I lately I have become rather frustrated behind the kit when practicing at home. I do my rudiments, beats, fills, technique exercises but often feel defeated, tired, and angry for some reason. I never seem to get my exercises completely right, and it just aggravates me alot. I feel as though it could be the accoustics in my room, as on stage and at school everything feels and sounds fine. I often feel it could also be my kit (I think its too large for me), but I can't figure out right posture/set-up for the drums and throne. I'm starting with a new teacher soon, so I'm hoping this will help. Anyone else have these issues? It makes me not want to play anymore :(.

Thanks a lot


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I used to get that feeling. It normally came from when I was just expecting too much too happen in one day of practice.


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I would suggest taking a break from taking so formal an approach to something that is supposed to be fun. Lessons are great for facilitating your burning desire to play, but without that desire, lessons are useless. It's all about balance.

Take the time to play just for the fun of it and don't get too wrapped around the 'playing properly' axle - that will come in time. I like putting on headphones and randomly hitting radio stations for interesting things to play along with. Doesn't necessarily help be smooth out my double paranoodle (love that term, btw!), but it is fun.


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The other day I was trying to work out a new cover. Couldnt get the footwork right. Then I couldnt get anything right. Hopped over to my Ekit and everything sounded great. So I ordered a new IC kick pedal. I don't have it yet but spending money always makes me feel better!
But seriously, sometimes things dont sound right. I settle down, maybe tweak the tuning a bit and move on to something else. FWIW my stuff sounds WAY better on a stage with some open air around it then it does in my jam room.
I know this is no help..sorry. But your not alone.


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I'm starting with a new teacher soon, so I'm hoping this will help.
I'll bet this will make the world of difference. A teacher will give you direction and focus your energy. Stick with it and soak up all you can out of your lessons........and keep playing with your band mate. As MikeM touched on, it can be very easy to get bogged down with being 'a drummer' at times, to the detriment of being 'a musician'.


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Given the info from above, I would play for fun for a while and get a new start with the new teacher. Let him/her know of your concerns as posted here. Good luck.

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I don't know if this will help, but when I get that feeling you get I just play a really easy song that I can get into and forget about dynamics and overplaying completely.