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Hello all! There is so much bad information about playing the drums, it is frustrating and annoying to me.

So with help from a magic team, it has taken 17 months to make video's that tell the real story. So follow my lessons, and remember,

"play in a day Tony's way"

Right now we have 8 lessons online, and already 20 new lessons done waiting to come online..

The serie starts from the BASICS, and later on this season there will be more styles available to learn. In the videos you will learn how to play the drums with the same method I use for over 40 years!

Take a look at our youtube channel


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Hey there, here are a couple points of constructive criticism for your video series:

-You jump around a lot and lose the topic, for example the snare drum. Half way through you went to talking about Latin rhythms and then to reading sheet music. You didn't talk anything about height or angle of the snare, pretty important in my book.

-The intro music, it sounds like Buddy Rich, yeah? The audio quality is pretty crap though, it put me off right away, even it being Buddy.

-In the descriptions of your videos, I noticed a few times where it was presented as "If you can't do this, you're not a drummer". That's pretty elitist and was even more off-putting than the intro sound quality.

-Who is the narrator? Where did this mysterious voice come from? It threw me off hearing a European accent and then a completely different one.

-The videos were all kind of short.

Other than that, keep it up, we all need a little practice.


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First, thanks for those videos, for making and sharing them.

Many things are done very well and I like a lot.
* You introduced accents (hihat, ride) right from the start - and accenting is very important. Kudos!
* The drum sound

Here's what I _didn't_ like:

* There's a big discrepancy in loudness between the drums and voice. Sure the drums are a loud instrument but I expect contemporary videos (and your videos do have a professional look and come with multi camera perspectives) to have any audio material balanced. The voice doesn't have to be at the exact same level as the drums but much more together as it is now. I like to dial in one comfortable listening level on my PC and not to having to keep readjusting it as the drums stick out and the voice is quite low.

* (This doesn't only refer to your videos) Why, just why do videos need 10, 20, 25 seconds until the real content starts? That's a _waste of time_, that's what it is. Who needs 25 seconds to read what those videos are about? Please shorten the intros to an acceptable 10 seconds, this will absolutely do. All those excess intro times add up to... wasted time. Personally I hate that. Sorry but I had to say it.
(Your video #7 has a whopping _33_ seconds until it really starts. That's a no-go!! I don't care to listen to 18 seconds of Buddy or whoever shredding - I want to get to the content of the video, honestly.

Overall - that's great work you've done. I tried to point out some things (meant as constructive criticism - based on watching the first 3 of your videos) which can (should) be addressed if you want to make your product even better. Thanks and keep it up!


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i agree with the last two posts.

i hope this doesn't come across as ego, but i have felt this way for a long time about youtube educational videos in general and so when i make my own vids i try to address this. mine are packed with content and very little production 'fluff'. have a look at any on my channel for an example:



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tnx for the replies, and some good points for the next productions.

The launch of the 2getdrumming on the 29th August 2012 in its present format, was a twofold decision. Although we are aware there are mistakes in the video/audio content, (we are not in competition with Steven Spielberg) the idea is to use them as a teaching tool, not an exhibition show piece.

The opening of each video is NOT Buddy Rich, it is me, taken from a session some time ago. The voice over is another idea to help with the sub-titles. We hope to get such a positive response from underprivileged students around the World, that have very limited funds, that I can carry on teaching, and that is the idea, no gimmicks! Tony Rothschild


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Solid lessons, very well presented and nothing wrong with the production value for a FREE lesson. Peeps are getting a bit picky about these free lessons, they are free people, made for non profit, we are all very lucky that people take the time to make them and add to drum comunity in a posisitive way. I personally have learned a lot from some very badly produced gems on youtube.

What is your motivaiton Tony for this?