Four piece kit - small or medium tom?


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I usually play with a 12" tom up.
For the stuff I play, I don't think I'd want to go much smaller than that, because I prefer to use a 16" floor tom in a small kit, so I don't watch such a pitch difference between toms.

Matt Bo Eder

True. No rules. But back in the day, if a company offered a five-piece kit, say 12/13/16/22, the four piece would've been 13/16/22. But these days a lot of companies offer 12/16/22 as a configuration now instead.


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I have 10, 12, 14 inch toms and a 20inch bass

With a 20, you're good to go with either the 10 or 12.

It's all personal preference - like they say - no rules.

But for me 12/14/20 or 13/16/22 are the norms.
Equally from both a sound and looks perspective.


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If I were to use only one rack tom, it would be 13" as its the most versatile since it can be tuned higher if needed or lower for that extra thump.


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When I had those sizes I rocked it with a 12. Do the same now that I have a 16 inch floor tom. I only liked 10s if they were followed by a 12 and maybe preceded by an 8.


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I either use a 12,16,20 maybe a 22 if I'm feeling energetic!

Or for cruise ships, parades and smaller venue I go with 20,10,14. Easier to move and lighter and sound great too.