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I'd be really interested to know the stat's applicable to this forum. Membership location, age group, musician status, & age. Just curious :)

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Ontario, Canada
Weekend warrior? Lol. I play in a classic rock covers band that gigs now and again.
I'm 22.

That about what you're looking for?

keep it simple

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Maybe Bernhard has this info? Or an admin? Would be interesting to see.
Very interesting :)

Guys, I can see each individual account, & take a guess at various elements, but it's the overview I'd find interesting. I'm sure it's easy enough to compile IP address locations, but some of the other stuff is voluntary. Actually, just the geographic info would be interesting in it's own right.


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Age: 52

How's that?
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Somebody awhile ago... LArry?... proposed we have location of all members (any who wished to participate) be plotted on world map. That would be an impressive image of dots on the opening page.
I think the most north I've heard on here is in Finland, and most south is Chile?


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Wouldn't be hard to set up a survey through one of the survey tool sites online. Someone should get on that :D

But since people are posting here:
Location: Bergen, Norway
Status: Semi-regularly gigging and recording with an originals band


Location: Leighton Buzzard, UK

Age: 37

Musician Status: Just do it for fun, play in a few bands, nothing too serious.


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Location: St Croix, US Virgin Islands
Age: 42, which many know is the Ultimate Answer to Life, the Universe, and Everything. Now if we could only figure out the question
Musician Status: Majored in music at university, emphasis in percussion. I've done everything BUT make a living at music ever since. I make pocket money playing out, though, and that's something.

Speaking of which, off to host the local open mic. ;-)


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Didn't know if you're actually asking us to post the info or if there's already a compiled graph/chart that a webmaster would have.

Location: Staten Island. NY
Status: Local drummer with dreams to be one of the grooviest.


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Age: 31
Location: Hampshire, UK
Status: Semi Pro (ie I'm very active on the 'circuit' with my originals band(s) but don't make enough to pay the bills) haha!


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I have a right to privacy so I'll be damned if I share I'm 60 years old and leave near Augusta, Georgia- home of James Brown and some fancy Golf tournament . What do I look like an idiot😖