For Those Who Dislike The Beatles


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I mean recently a lot of younger people have gotten into the Beatles. So much so that retail stores are selling t-shirts and things. I just mean it's become a big phase with the younger generations in the last few years.
They've been a hit with kids (and adults alike) since 1962 mate. That far outlives any phase, it's more like....

you could argue that they are, have been and still are a phase since they began. But, that's not really a phase it's something else that I don't have the right word for.
An insitution?


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i heard that The Beatles actually made a record that became a hit....i hope that the group can continue to make hit records and MAYBE influence some other bands in the business. you know how these "flash in the pan" groups go!! these guys will probably fade away soon. THAT LONG HAIR IS ENOUGH.