For the old people- Cool vid


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I LOVE The Ventures.

This wasn't with Mel Taylor, but man, Mel could really play. Very smooth, and had a lot of sound with a small kit and one cymbal. He looked cool when he played too.
Fun music.

Les Ismore

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... it was another 10 years(!) after that event/vid before the VENTURES were inducted into the (bogus) Rock n Roll Hall of Fame.

Anon La Ply

Thanks Les - priceless to see this seemingly stiff, starchy man walk up to the drums, sit down and then he just relaxed, laid down that lovely smooth groove and smiled ... and you got a glimpse of the 17 year old. His speech at the end was bang on too.


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The first guys I started playing music with ( that time...noise) played a lot of Ventures, and this was 1983! To this day I love The Ventures and surf instrumentals. We still get together on occassion and this stuff never gets old to me.


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Thanks, man. That was cool. I'm glad to see the general still has a little fire for music.