Flam Taps And Flam Accents



Been tooling around with a couple of Flam exercises I strung together, and man, they are really great for getting your hands warmed up in a hurry. The first one I put together is flam accent, flam accent, flam tap, flam tap, Flam tap, double stroke roll. The sticking is like:

L r l lR l r rL l lR r rL l rr ll rr ll
R l r rL r l lR r rL l lR r ll rr ll rr

The second one I came up with uses a sort of inverted flam tap:

L r lR l rL r l lR l rL r L rr ll rr ll
R l rL r lR l r rL r lR l R ll rr ll rr

Besides being cool flam patterns that sound cool, they also naturally flip between right and left hand lead as you play them.

The third exercise is just flam tap, flam tap, flam tap, flam, flam:

rL l lR r rL l lR rL
lR r rL l lR r rL lR