First performance...with only a 2-piece.


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Well my class was doing a mandatory project for the community, and they decided to do a carnival at a housing estate on Monday with another class, complete with performances. I offered to accompany two guitarists from another class (technically one's playing a ukelele) on drums. The carnival lasts for 3 hours, so we'll be playing for 10~20 minutes at the end of each hour, in between running our booths.

Due to transportation problems however, I can't bring my DTXplorer, stripped as it is. The frame is simply too large to fit inside a taxi, and I can't take a bus carrying two bags plus the frame plus an extra bag for the thing that the kick pedal hits.

So I bit the bullet and decided to go with a 2-piece set: A practice pad I used to use before I bought my DTXplorer, and a kick pedal with a kick pad (Those spindly things that bounce back...)

Now the expected people who are going to attend the carnival (and possibly watch the performance) are the elderly and young kids, although those at work may pop down as our carnival stretches from noon into the evening. I've asked the two guitarists what songs they're playing, but they're still deciding.

So come monday evening...It's my first time playing live, I'll be up on a little platform with two guitarists, and just playing along to whatever they play, unless they can tell me what songs they're playing. And I only have a little practice pad and a kick pedal >.<

Of course there are plenty of great drummers who can rock on less than a 4/5- piece set (as snare solo's prove), but my skill isn't at that level. I can definitely keep a basic beat throughout the song, but without toms, a hi-hat, or even a cymbal, the only variations (or rudiments) I can do is single/double rolls on the snare, paradiddles and left flams/single drags. Probably because I've been so used to being behind a full DTXplorer that I didn't practice much of fills on the snare...

And those...butterflies. Aka "Well, you're going to play without knowing what the song is, with only a 2-piece set, in two days. If you come in too early, you're screwed. If you come in too late, you're screwed. If you don't know what the song is like, you're screwed. Gf"

So...any advice? I know you should always KIS and, if I remember what someone once said on these forums, play at 80% of my ability. But as far as first performances go, I feel (naked) screwed without so much as a hi-hat.

(Side note: One of the guitarists asked me if I have a cajohn...googled 'cajohn' and got weird stuff. Is it a part of a drum kit?)


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Thanks, pity I don't have one >.< It would look more presentable than a 2-piece set.

The guitarists just messaged me, standard pop songs. I guess I'll do a basic rock beat for the songs, and hope nothing goes wrong, although my kick pedal keeps moving forward despite the screws anchoring in the rug...