First gig ever on Sat - preparation tips

Liebe zeit

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If you're going to concentrate on anything, concentrate on creating a vibe. Then feed off that vibe, & have a ton of fun. The audience picks up on a band having fun, much more than it picks up on minor errors.
I like this a lot. I'll be using this in pre-gig chats/huddle

I don't know what kind of venue you are playing, but you never know how things are gonna change at the gig.
For one thing it's going to be unexpectedly hot. We're having an Indian summer and it's a low-ceilinged, unventilated cellar bar. Will hunt down a fan


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Right before going on have the whole band huddle around your set..put your hands in..1,2,3 LETS ROCK!! then relax and enjoy yourself... at 49 after a set I feel the closest to being 18 again then ever... Good Luck and again ENJOY IT!!

Liebe zeit

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It went well for a first gig.

I struggled to hear the singer, so there was the odd mistake re changes etc, but nothing 99% of the audience would realise. I was most tense for tunes 2-5, which was a bit odd. I got the bass drum beater briefly stuck up my trouser leg in the first tune, but again, no-one noticed. There were some 'unexpected subdivisions' on a few fills here and there but ditto re the audience.

The audience enjoyed us, we were described as 'tight' and several people couldn't believe it was my first ever gig.

So, all in all a success. Hopefully more gigs soon.

Thanks for all the tips above, guys :)
My tip is; don`t get nervous, get excited. Performing live is the biggest thrill you can ever experience. Think about it in the lead up to the gig and imagine how much fun it is going to be.
Also (and this is a biggie) do not get screwed up if you don`t do exactly what you have rehearsed. It is almost impossible to replecate exactly what the whole band plays in the practise room so don`t freak out if you or someone else doesn`t follow the script exactly. Just go with it and remember, it is unlikely that anyone but you will be aware of it!!!