Finger triggering

I have been doing finger-triggering exercises for years now and have got my right hand and a good speed (never use the super fast but its good to have for control) Anyway I play mostly traditional grip unless I am doing a rock gig, I can't seem to trigger as well with that grip, seems like only my thumb is doin anywork, and the angle of my first finger is keeping me from getting any leverage to trigger properly. Alright drummerworld family....go!
There's a Dave Weckl video on grip that should help you out with this, let me scour the Youtube.


The part starts at 1:15 but I STRONGLY encourage you to look at the rest of the Natural Evolution series on Youtube and the rest of Dave Weckl's new stuff.

thanks man, he didnt really get into the tradish triggering, but i loved the vid and got a good work out keeping up!