Finally Sonor SQ2 ( a little help)


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Well as you're drawing comparisons to the guitar world...

I've been playing the el. guitar for 21 yrs now, and only 3 yrs ago I decided to get - not signature guitars - but custom guitars built to my specifications (4x one-of-a-kinds, + 1 custom acoustic). You know the difference? (Look up GURU - for real custom drums). Now I don't care for any other guitars, I'm 100% satisfied. I didn't believe this to happen when I ordered them but it was well worth the money. I thought 'those instruments should be very cool when finished' but having them now makes me basically forget about any other guitars out there. Every detail exactly matches my preferences - unbelievable! I guess it's the same with drums (I'm still a drum beginner).

No wonder a signature instrument doesn't need to make you 100% happy - the original model was built to some other person's specifications. Also - you might have that experience already - taste/preferences can vary heavily with time, maybe within 1-2 years. So getting a highly customised set like the SQ2 might turn out to not match your interests in a few months/years from now. Really keep getting an ultra hi-end kit up for a better moment when you'd really have a solid basis of drumming skills, and then it will be a treat as you'll have a far better understanding of your needs/preferences as to sizes, wood selection, configuration etc.

As to the SQ2: Knowing that drummers like Gavin Harrison and Derek Roddy are or have been playing those drums makes me appreciate the high-ended aspect of those drums the more - drums to dream of. Well take 2 of my custom guitars and I could have afforded some SQ2 myself - maybe in my next life.

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I have never really heard of Guru I actually haven't so i will prob research into their line of drums.
I'd be quite happy to guide you through some timber & construction choices, but I'd be constantly steering you away from jumping into anything. Most of us here know, through bitter experience, that jumping in without really knowing "for yourself" the path you want to take, is almost certainly a big mistake.

As a traditional solid shell drum builder, It's super critical to us that the artist is completely in love with what we've crafted. The worst scenario for us is that a player doesn't enjoy our drums. It's not good for our soul, & It's not good for our reputation.

If you really must must must get a high end bespoke kit, then start off with a four piece shell set. Take guidance on how to construct something that delivers the sounds you want. Get used to how that 4 piece sounds & feels. Then, if you like it, or you want some changes, it's quite easy to do/expand, & you've limited your risk & exposure.

My personal advice is still this. If my son came to me after I'd made such an offer, & said "I've really thought about this, & I'd love to take you up on your generous offer, but would you mind if I take quite some time, maybe even a year or two, to really make sure I make the right choices", I'd be really impressed & even happier to work with you. I'm guessing your father bought the expensive high end guitar that now sits gathering dust. Am I correct? If so, I can completely understand his ultimatum style offer. If I'm right, do yourself a big favour, plus raise your father's impression of you, & come speak to me in 2014!


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Welcome to the forum. You've posted this in the wrong section, but we'll forgive you for that :) Maybe the mod's will move it.

Anyhow, what I'm about to say may come over as me being some old fart dick with a superiority complex, but it's really not from that direction at all.


Seriously, the kit you have is fine for some time to come. By the time you're ready to appreciate the options an SQ2 can offer you, you'll not have to come here to ask these questions, you'll already know what suits you. You'll get a ton of answers here, but that won't get you any closer to making the right decision. If you must go for the kit (& I suspect you will) then go for the best deal in sizes that will resell easily & a finish you like.

Let your playing be the trophy, not the kit. Oh, BTW, the car will get you laid much more often than the SQ2! As soon as you start telling the chicks about how special it is, they'll be looking at the guy with the smart wheels!
If you only practice and play at home or are a hobbyist, is the "get laid" factor taken out of the equation? :)


This entire scenario seems a bit suspect to me. Playing for an entire four months and just now getting a Sonor SQ2? Why did you wait so long, lol? If your family is ridiculously well off, all well and good, be spoiled. If not, in my opinion, pay the dues and make an educated purchase and not just with something that piqued your interest looking at the pictures but really never played. Someone buying a set of drums as elite as the SQ2s are, shouldn't have to get on a forum and ask opinions on exactly what they should buy. In my loose estimate the kit you want would be in the ballpark of between $8000 to $9000 USD, then tack your shipping on top of that.

This thread sort of reminds me of the 10 or 12 year old boy where his grandfather bought him an 8 piece set of Pearl Reference drums only to have the child complain a week later that he NEEDED a gong drum, lol.

Sorry that I'm a bit critical, but maybe things are very different now a days, but it definitely wouldn't fly in my younger years. My opinion is if you really want that kit earn the money and buy it yourself, it seems that you might appreciate it more. Oh, and be perfectly honest to your family about your mother also buying the car regardless of the circumstances.

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This thread got me thinking.
What SQ2 set would I order?
I thought about for about an hour.
I can't decide 100%

I know that I would want a 6 piece.
7x10, 8x12, 12x14, and 14x16 toms.
16x20 bass and 6x14 snare.

I think that I would like a 3 ply thin shell with re-rings on the high toms. 45 degree edges. Back Cut.
6 ply thin floor toms 45 degree rounded edges.
Thick shell bass drum. 8 ply. 45 degree edge.
Cast hoops on batters and flanged on resos on the toms.
Maple with birch inner plies for the toms.
Poplar and maple plies for the bass.

Snare, thick 12 ply all maple. 30 degree edges. wood/metal hoops.

White Marine Pearl wrap.
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Silver Member have got to be kidding me. Are you serious? You and your family are investing in excess of $10k after 4 months of playing - how much would the car have been o_O

I can't read this thread without a sense of incredulity.

Are you even in a gigging band?

My second kit was/is a Tama Rockstar - a good quality intermediate kit that tunes well (except my soon to be ex-13" rack tom) and sounds great on stage. I bought a 5 piece (12/13/16/22/14) and built/added to it to taste (now a 10/12/13/16/22/22/14/14 that I can chop/change as I wish). It has taken me over 10 years to get to a set up that I like now - that doesn't mean by any stretch of the imagination that it's the same set up that I'll want to play in even 2 years time. I've already got a itch and a lean toward a 6 piece Superstar HD.

Anyway - to sum up my point - BE PATIENT! This will likely be the very worst investment someone could make since Woolworths UK shares were last available.

Plus, if another forum member (bmeat) is a fair example - perhaps not - then you are quite likely to damage/wreck them in your very early days of set up and playing style experimentation. Do you really want to give your $10k+ kit tom/pedal rash, put the hoops/shells out of round or ruin the finish of your drums by using/setting up/storing your drums without the proper experience?

Excuse my potential offishness in this post but I say these things out of a genuine concern for you, your family and your own sense of the value of a buck.


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Your set on a kit. Why not try the sonor delisted or s classics. I don't think an sq2 custom is going to suit your needs. You have to goose how many plies and how many types of woods. Cut the cost in half and go with the Delites or classics. Even then I'd wait off. And practice more. Maybe some new cymbals.