Finally! 5.5X14 Tama Hand Hammered Copper Snare Drum


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Patience pays off! I missed the Tama Hand Hammered Copper Snare Drum that a Drummerworld member auctioned on eBay a few months ago, but I snagged this one a few days ago.....

I think my snare drum quest is over for awhile.


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Wow that's awesome! Congrats mate. Feel sorry for the guy you snagged it off of! :)

100th POST!! ^^.


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Too many times on this forum have i been at a loss for words worthy to describe some of the incredible equipment i see - and here i am again - thats a beauty of a snare man!


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to think that every dent and bump is hammered into that snare by hand with a purpose makes me feel very insignificant in this world...

really a wonderfull looking snare. now it's time for pictures in the sunlight and audio clips ;-)


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Oh man I am so sorry. The thing is covered in dents from top to bottom. Must be a factory defect. You know, if it's any way I can help, I could take it off your hands. Really... it's the least I could do.


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I'm just about sure that I'm going to need to confiscate that thing from you.
It's just too dang pretty...
But upload some sound files, we (as in I) are dying to hear it.


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I've never played either, but I have a strong notion that I'd rather have THIS snare than any Tama Bell Brass.


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AND I snagged one off of evilBay!

Though I am not convinced it's worth keeping. I think I must tinker with its tuning range to see if I will want to keep it.

It is rather gorgeous, though. Very gorgeous, in fact.

Why must visual considerations interfere with sonic capabilities? :(


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I've had one of these for about 15 years, and love it. Unfortunately it looses out to my Spaun bell brass snare more often than not. I should get it out and give it a workout.