Filling in badge holes on lacquered drums


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Gentlemen please. The holes are 3mm. Nuts and bolts? They are less than 1/8 the inch. I would just leave them alone


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A round toothpick is about three mm.
I would sand the toothpick down by hand until you can just press fit it in the hole with your finger, cut it flat and dip the tip in stain and use nail polish on the end, then press it into the hole. You don't have to glue it and you can just push them out if you want them removed.


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I think it's time to call a local furniture restorer....they'd be able to do it.....hopefully
This. When I worked in a music store years ago there was a piano repairman who could work magic with lacquer stick's. I saw him paint the grain back in to damaged areas and you could not tell where he'd done the work. It's an art. If the result matters, get an artist.