felt beater not flat on bass drum


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A while ago I noticed the felt beater wasn't exactly hitting flat on the bass drum head. The beater is centered, the pedal is fastened as far onto the hoop that it can go, so do I need to lower the legs on the drum? Or is this a common occurance. I play a TAMA Imperialstar(the newer ones with poplar shells) with an SK II on the bass and i can't say that the drum is a cannon. What am I doing wrong? BLASTERBEAT



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It sounds to me like it's either the pedal or the beater itself.
I have a Gibraltar beater and it aligns itself.
Maybe you could check and see on your beater if there's a way to adjust the angle.
If not, I would recommend getting a new beater.


On my iron cobras you can just unfasten a little mini tension rod on the beater head itself and you can tilt it.
I don't know if it will be the same with any other pedals though.


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simple solution: try a round felt beater. it worked for me when I had that problem.
I have a round felt beater. I took the pedal off and readjusted the bass head and put the pedal back on. The pedal is the bottom line tama single chain pedal and the hoop is the accu-tune hoop for the imperialstars. I put a gibraltar felt beater on the pedal when I got my SK II. I think it's as good as it will get. I asked my aunt if she ever had this problem with her set (yamaha rydeen) since she is the only other drummer that I talk to regularly. She said she hasn't done any adjustments on her set so she hasn't actually looked at the beater on her bass drum. Ive had my set for 5 months and I think I finally found the right feel as to how I want it set up, just trying to save up for some new cymbals and a double pedal.