Feels like Christmas :-)


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Went and ordered a Yamaha Stage Custom kit in 10,12,16,22 with 14"snare in Dark Silver Metallic, a yamaha flying dragon direct drive pedal (last years model new for $95 ) and a set of clear emperor heads for it today for church. Everything should be in next week. Man it's fun buying new gear!!!!!

Jeremy Bender

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Sounds like a nice purchase! Be sure to post some pics in the big Yamaha thread over in the gear forum.

I'd love to see what that finish looks like.


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im pretty sure theres a guy on here with that same kit in the same color and config. gotta remember the username...


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so I'm checking the UPS tracking. The 12" tom shipped by itself and shows it will be here today, the head pack is in Kansas, and the rest of the kit is in Missouri. HUH??????????? Sorry but that makes no sense to me, figured it would be coming from the same warehouse.