Favourite part of the kit


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Just read a comment saying that the hats were the poster's favourite part of the kit due to its versatility.

Never thought about my fave instrument in a drum kit ... I normally think of a kits as one thing. If pressed, I think I like the sounds of a dark ride and an open snare rimshot most. Do you have a fave part of the kit?


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(Not really)

i'd say snare drum .. i use it a lot. even though I play a lot of metal, my fills are normally very buddy rich/ carl palmer-esque (not nearly as good .. but a lot of rudimental short rolls and sheisse like that)


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I like the kick drum, it's so deep and low. But then I like the snare because it's so clearly defined and responsive...and the toms for their resonance and subtle overtones...and the ride for the sustain...and the hi-hats for their versatility...and the crashes for their smooth yet accented sound...

No, no favourites here. I suppose I'd be more on the side of drums over cymbals, I could never be someone with 10 different cymbals on a four-piece kit.

Kenny Allyn

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Bob is right on this one ...

However IF it had to be distilled down to one element, I would have to say this old Slingerland 6.5x14 chrome over brass "Sound King" snare would be it.
Here is why I quite literally configured the whole kit including cymbal choices to work with the sound of this snare ... It is an amazing piece fat, responsive,
musical and fun to play even alone.


Big Foot

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For sure the drum set is a collection of individual instruments creating one instrument. But, because I love playing brushes, I'd have to go with my snare.


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I think the snare is one of the most personal parts of the kit. Not only does each one sound markedly different, it's also where a drummer's character is most obvious to the listener.


I've never seen anyone (non-drummer) walk into a music store and say "I wonder what this tom sounds like?"-- they always either go for a cymbal (any cymbal) or a snare drum.

I'd have to say my snare. It's the only instrument I switch out when I'm in the studio to fit the song properly or express what I'm "feeling" for that song/mood. I have to agree with others that it's the most expressive and where most drummers get their "signature" sound.

On a sidenote I was listening to an album the other day and my ears perked up- everything about the snare sounded very distinct; the striking, the tone, all the subtleties. I questioned to myself if a certain drummer played on that song/album. I had to Google the song, artist, album to find out if my hunch was correct and it was: Kenny Aronoff. Something about his snares, technique, tuning, and style of play is very distinct to him.



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I wanted to not say snare, I wanted to be original. I say my 14" floor tom. I love hitting that.

But really, it's my snare.
All the set together as one!
But speaking about favourite part(s) it will be the snare 6.5"x14" and bass drum 14"x22", love those two...I prefer the actual drum sound.


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My favorite part of the drumset is the little square of my 12" tom, my 14" tom, my snare and my ride. So much great stuff happens right there.


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Newbie here (10.5 mos) with lots to learn just getting around the kit but once I get a little more comfy and relaxed around the kit my long term goal is to really learn to play those hats...!!!! All those subtle little extras a good hat player can squeeze in just do it for me.....the icing on the cake...imo.

Been working this morning on a linear fill using the hats some....and I'm liking it!!!!!!!!

So I'd have to say HH's........

back to the "boom boom room"..........


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I do know that the minimal kit that I will gladly play without feeling that I am missing something is a 4 piece jazz set up with hats, ride, and a left side ride/crash.


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My favorite part of the kit is the venthole which I had enlarged to my own personal specs. :)

Actually, with a drumset, the whole is greater than the sum of the parts so I'll go with my sticks. That's where the real music come from anyway.

If you had to pin me down, I'd pick the hats. I could imitate a kick and snare part on just the hats that would sound better than on any other single piece, JMO.


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Favorite part has got to be the hats. Just so many different sounds you can get from them.