Favorite/Least Favorite Finishes


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And so we see why there are so many different finishes! Lots of differing opinions. I will say that I would take a set in a finish I hate if a top of the line kit were given to me!


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I typical have pretty simple tastes. Solid colors or simple wood finishes appeal to me. However, this set calls to me!

Least favorite is anything in mother of toilet seat and not really feeling any of the clear, acrylic sets.

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I also personally am not a fan of drum sets looking like fine furniture, but that probably is because I gigged a ton and know that kits like get dinged and damaged when they are actually gigged.
Depends on how they're finished. Thin veneer, high gloss lacquer - sure, easily damaged, & difficult to repair. A solid shell finished with wax however, is pretty resilient, & the easiest out of all finishes (including wraps) to repair. Simply get the sandpaper out, & apply another couple of wax coats - buff to finish :)


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I absolutely loathe any burst, fade, or crap like that, probably more than the ubiquitous wine red or solid black wrap. I also personally am not a fan of drum sets looking like fine furniture, but that probably is because I gigged a ton and know that kits like that get dinged and damaged when they are actually gigged. (Having a nice kit with some exotic finish that sits in the basement makes no sense to me.)

I also hate any hardware that is painted or powder coated. Look, leave the friggin' hardware chrome and move on.

Personally I love sparkle finishes, oyster finishes, and maybe some of the strata finishes.
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Currently my favorite finish is DW Exotic Candy Black Burst over Olive Ash Burl with black nickel hardware. Don't own them, but they sure are easy on the eyes. Close second is Matt Chamberlain's Craviotto kit in Ginger Ale Sparkle finish. Least favorite is Ludwig's Rainbow Sparkle wrap. I could grow old with any of those colors individually, but not all together.



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These are two of my favorites right now
My least favorite has to be that Pearl kit for the Super Bowl....simply awful
I really like both if the kits you posted. I suppose Ringo's Oyster Shell kit is one of my favorites and Orange Vistalites (not sure if this counts, I guess the orange part does).


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Favourites are :
Gretsch Espresso Burst wrap
Gretsch Caribbean Blue lacquer
Gretsch Dark Walnut Lacquer
Ludwig Birdseye Maple exotic lacquer
Yamaha Black Swirl lacquer ( Club Customs)
Yamaha Orange Swirl Lacquer

Least Favourites
Champagne sparkle
Green Sparkle
Red Sparkle



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I like natural wood the best, but do like some champaigne sparkle, and ludwig blacky oyster and other pearl wraps. But natural wood is #1.


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Oh well since I started this couple years ago, new year, new likes/dislikes part deux --

The Ludwig standard wraps have become better looking as time goes by. That brown swirl wrap someone just posted here on DW is sweet as is the olive. Still like the pink ripple Rogers. In fact Rogers' pearls of the 60s were arguably nicer than Ludwig, even the black oyster. Sorry Ringo.

Still not digging the red wine, unless I'm drinking it.


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My kits (only have the Black one now):

Silver Sparkle
Solid Chrome
Blue Vistalites
Piano Black

Favorites -

Solid Dark colors
Stained or painted finishes over wraps
Really beginning to like the black hardware
I have been looking for a smaller kit mostly for practice but to use on occasion at really small venues and saw the Ludwig Accent in White with Black hardware and I really like the look. I know it is a wrap and a low end drum, just like the look.
I am beginning to like even primary color stains if they are semi transparent.


Never really like champaign sparkle and the white pearl or oyster was so overdone that I don't care much for them.
Hated the jellybean vistalites

Not a fan off primary colors in sparkle or solid really.


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finishes I like: blondes, mahogany stains, amber stains, and Blue Sparkle. Teals, mint greens, and aquas. Black oyster, Rogers blue onyx, I may be one of the only ones but I like BDP always have. I also like tan and off white finishes, although I'm not huge on wmp. And I like the classiness of Solid black on black sparkle.

Finishes I dislike, Flames (not including satin flames) or any designs that destract you from a good finish ( I think they are tacky) I have found very few bursts I like. Bright solid red, or that crappy cheap drum whine red. and Neon colors, orange, green, pink, etc.