Fat bastard...


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I second the suggestions here to use Calorie Counter or My Fitness Pal. You may be shocked at how many calories you are actually eating.


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I'm a fortunate one.

For me:

1: Drink water instead of anything else.
2: Eat more vegetables and less of everything else.
3: Exercise a bit more.

I generally weigh 180-185. Whenever I get up to 200, I just stop eating like a nut and drink only water (instead of juice/beer/pop/etc).

This means:
Stop eating a whole family sized bag of Doritos all by myself in a single sitting.
Stop having 3 full dinners every night (6PM, 10PM, midnight)
Stop the double servings of rice/potatoes/egg noodles + gravy at dinner
Stop eating 'two' Chipotle burritos / 5Guy's burgers any time I grab FFood.
Stop eating three Bacon/Egg/Cheese bagels for breakfast.


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Start slow with making changes to your diet and exercise.
Think of healthier choices for meals and snacks and replace things over time. Eating whole foods vs. processed foods can make a big difference.
If you can't cook, then learn. You can take control of what you're eating while finding tasty and healthful ways to eat.

I'm just under 6'2 and once weighed in at about 240lbs. It took a couple of years, but went down to about 190lbs as a result of doing the above and incorporating some at home exercise. I'd say its been 10 or 12 years and I haven't put on the weight again.

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Squad Lead, a few additional thoughts for your consideration (and mine) since you've asked:

"Useless calories" are useless. (soda, alcohol, breads/pastries/carbs/sugars, etc.) - treat yourself, but cutting back will be huge

When to eat. time of day that you take in calories matters - large breakfast or lunch, burn those calories the rest of the day - I know someone that refuses to eat a meal or a snack after 6pm.

Lean meats. Eat protein. poultry, eggs, some dairy...veggies. The size of the palm of your hand is the "ideal" portion size (I am told)

Walking and cardio exercise. Start slow, modest goals and gains and do not get discouraged. Build upon these gains weekly/monthly by doing a bit more.

Weights. Incorporate some anaerobic to build muscle - slowly, modestly - the muscle feeds off the fat. Resist the urge to eat more or the same quantities - drink water. Work large muscle groups - consider it sculpting... start slow.

Sleep. 7-8 hours nightly uninterrupted.

Drink water instead of eating between meals. Treat yourself, but cut back on useless calories.

Grunt, DMACC, Hollywood others have hit on some very key points - be encouraged, brother. I dropped 35 over a three month period last year once I set my mind to it...

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The trick is to not let your body think that it is starving. That's when the metabolism slows way down and the body goes into hibernation mode. Every four days of dieting, you should eat normal on the fifth day. then four or three more dayss , then normal. It's called cycle dieting.

Another good one is the Carbohydrate Addict's diet. You only eat carbs during one hour per day.

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So how much is 25 stone? I could Google it, but I'm too lazy, lol.
Depends on the size of the stones (I'm too lazy to tell you :)

We've met, & although you're a big lad, you're obviously in generally good condition judging by how you play. You're also, by far, not the biggest guy I know who plays drums, so I'd guess some long term lifestyle "fine tuning" is the best route for you. A wakeup call is exactly that - a big nudge in the right direction. I'm sure you'll do just fine :)


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I lost 4 stone by tracking diet and exercise with 'my fitness pal' and I quit drinking.
Lost 2 stone in the first 6 months, the other 2 stone took a year.

Cycling and running did it for me- I did 20 miles a day on the bike or a 4 mile run, 6 days a week.

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Basics are:

Strength before cardio.
Get enough sleep.
Don't be afraid to eat, just eat heathy. Want a bagle? Eat a carrot. Actually as many veggies as it takes.
No soda or fruit juice.

Specifics as to best nutrition sources depend on heritage, but the general bloodtype idea is pretty darn close.

Your body will really tell you. If you crave chips, your body is actually telling what it needs, there are simply better ways to get that fat, salt or carbs and the real nutrients in the real food will stop the cravings much better because they actually contain the whole spectrum that you body wants and needs. With the empty calories you'll just keep on eating hoping to fill those needs.

A sort heavy carb day might actually be good for your insuline sensitivity. So taking it out on the weekends isn't necessarily bad as long as that's not the norm.

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I will tell you how I lost 50+ pounds because my doctor also put the hammer down. She told me the five worst things to eat were, bread, potatoes, rice, pasta, and sweets. So if it's white stay away from it. The dietician where I worked told me to read food labels and not to eat more than about 40-45 grams of carbs per meal. That is 2 slices of bread, so then no other carbs. Told me to forget the % column and look at the grams. I'm not sure what you gain by switching from beer to wine, with the sugars in wine, but check the carbs. This worked for me and that is all Im saying.
Also check the fiber content on the food label. fiber slows down the absorption of sugars and will also help your blood. Good luck.
Hi Squad Leader this is good advice but I'd say that your own grams limit is something you identify in consultation with your medic.

I have type 2 and where I live over the Pennines from you the health service provides a one-day course called DESMOND for those newly diagnosed with diabetes. If they run it in your area and even if you don't have diabetes I'd recommend you ask to go on it. It's run by pukka dieticians and is a real eye-opener.

In any case buy some decent kitchen scales and use them. Pasta in sensible portions is good actually, as is basmati rice (no other kind) as they are "slow-uptake" in relation to blood sugar. Portion size is the thing. Nobody on my DESMOND course was a habitual junk food couch potatoe. We all took pride in having good food habits - cooking from fresh ingredients etc etc. BUT we simply eat way too much E.g. before diagnosis I'd have easily used >100g (dry) of pasta but nowadays I weigh out 65g max.

Fortunately for me by counting carb grams and cutting out sugar from other sources I can maintain normal blood sugar with just one metformin tab a day. I've reduced calorie levels overall so am losing weight and can still have beers in the week. Several actually....


The biggest factor when it comes to exercising to lose weight is to do cardio for a long enough time to actually start burning body fat. I had a buddy of mine complain to me about the fact that he would workout HARD for a half hour every night and he wasn't losing any weight. I explained to him that it was because he wasn't working out for long enough.

Ever been exerting yourself for a half hour or so and then you started to feel like you were going to collapse? Chances are, if you experienced this and fought through it, you probably felt really grim for 10mins or so and then got your "second wind". What happened was that it took about half and hour for your body to use up your stored glycogen. When that was used up it took your body about 10 mins to switch over to being able to get the energy it needs to keep going by metabolizing your other reserve of stored energy- body fat.

That's why, at least in the beginning, you don't want to focus so much on the intensity of your workout, but the duration that you workout. 45 mins is a good time to shoot for to ensure that you are actually burning body fat for 10-15 mins. Intensity comes later as you get fitter. The duration can increase later as well, to an hour if you have the time, but 45 mins is the minimum amount of time. If you're walking, you want to eventually be doing a pretty intense power walk. You don't have to run, but you want to be walking just about as fast as you can without going into contortions to ensure your heart rate is up around 100 bpm while you're working out. Once again, the intensity comes later when you can handle it. The important thing right now is to be getting into the habit of walking 45 mins everyday.

Once your workouts get a little more intense your metabolism will start to speed up and that means you start burning more calories all day, every day, even when your not working out.

Wine is no better than beer. It's the alcohol that has the calories. Alcohol has more calories per gram than either fat or sugar, so if your drinking something like Guinness that is 4%, then it's probably better than wine. Just try to cut down to 3 or 4 instead of a half dozen. Also limit your consumption of bread, sugar, pasta, and potatoes and only eat whole grains, no white bread, pasta, or rice. Whole grains are harder for your body to break down and are much more nutritious and healthy.

Good luck and just stick with it. Consistency over time is the key.


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I started my journey nearly 3 years ago to get a 'revenge bod', although I didn't know that's what I was doing at the time. Or what that term was.

Age caught up and the pounds piled on due to no exercise and really poor eating with sweets. I joined a gym, began working out 60-90 min each morning before work and it wasn't long before I realized that all that effort wouldn't pay off if I didn't change my diet.

I poured the salt and sugar down the drain, started buying low fat alternatives. Went with low fat Fig Newtons instead of Oreo's etc...

I lost 30 pounds in 6 weeks, the right way. Kept it off since. Actually, I was beginning to look like a prisoner of war, so I found my happy weight and have worked to maintain it (6'2"/200lbs) for the last couple of years.

There's no magic in it at all. Get your but up and go get 60-90 min a day of exercise including cardio and strength and eat better. I will NEVER diet. I plan on having an entire frozen pizza for dinner tonight (per tradition) but I put in 100 minutes this morning at the gym. And I'll be back there tomorrow morning. Yes, even on the weekends. I am more fit than when I was in my 20's (45), I feel great every day, my girl loves my stamina (LOL) and I look pretty good naked (LOL/LOL). It will be the way it is til I die.

Oh, and my triglyceride meds for my fatty liver? I cured it on my own. No pills needed. That was my "doctor scare" moment. That and the need to date again hahahaha


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Thanks everyone for the great advice.

I intend gradually building up the walks. At the moment it's a 30 or so minute walk over a couple of kilometres...but it is fairly challenging. I hope to build up to jogging at some point. Next week I will add some extra streets and will continue as such.

I used to enjoy it as a younger bloke. I'm just too big at the moment hence the walking. IT would wreck my knees and back. But that's the hope.

I also do a good hours drumming each night...which i hope will also add to the overall fitness drive.

I used to cycle to work many years ago..it's just too dangerous these days to cycle into the city. But perhaps I'll take up some cycling here in the suburbs at some point.

I don't think I have it in me to go on any fancy diets. Really, I have to be honest with myself here. I have cut down, a lot. No more coffee and tea in the day, just water. And I've taken sweet stuff straight out of my entire diet.

Thanks again everyone...great help


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Take a dog.
No kidding, we have a dog since a few months, I have never walked so much in my life and so enjoyably. She's always in for a walk no matter what time of day or weather.


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I realized that if I want to keep playing drums I will need to get into, and stay in, better shape.
I changed my diet (I’m losing weight now) and I’m going to the local gym every day. Only costs $25 per month.

I HATE exercising! So I listen to music while I exercise. I study the songs and specifically the drum parts while I exercise.
I also listen to recordings of my playing while I exercise. And I evaluate how I play.

I still HATE exercising. But I do it because I love playing the drums.

Oh lordy, these words ring true.... I so hate to exercise. The kind where you do stuff inside, lifting, running in place, etc.

But Jim your words raised the lid a bit and I might have to reconsider. Your solution just might work for me.


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Can't drink them black without sugar mate. Bleurgh.

And at work they drink a brew probably every half hour.
As a Californian, I sometimes forget that some weirdos in some parts of the world (and US) for some reason enjoy sugaring up their teas. I think it tastes absolutely vile, and nearly retched the first time I was un-knowingly served "sweet tea" while on a business trip in the south.

Anyhoo, there are tons of very tasty herbal teas that have a lot of flavor and even "sweetness" without adding sugar. Look for things like "rubios" (SIC).


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Dont stop drinking coffee. Black ground coffee helps the body metabolize fat, why do you think pro cyclists drink it. I used to take two sugars in tea and coffee but gave the sugar up. After a few weeks a drink with sugar in it tastes foul. You have to make a few changes to make a difference, make dropping the sugar in coffee one of them. Coffee is one of lifes great pleasures.