Fast Version of We Wuill Rock You


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Old but never released....with lyrics.

"About time this got an 'official' release and remix - it's been available on bootleg for years -
Queen's 1977 Peel Session from Maida Vale featuring the 'fast' full band version of 'We Will Rock You', and some of the (then) recently recorded News Of The World album tracks. it actually faster??? ..."


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Wow...never really loved the original but that version kicked some a**. Thanks for sharing that one.


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Nice. Very raw, Prefer this over the other version.
The BBC sessions have great performances from so many bands.


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This song was the first track on their live album "Live Killers" which was released 35 years ago.


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How did that pile of $### get the record spot while this gem of punky great music was passed over?


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Wow, not a big Queen fan but that was cool.

And this is one of those very rare instances in which I'm not particularly big on the band, but I am VERY big on the drummer. Roger Taylor can do anything and make it sound convincing - rock, swing, metal, etc. etc. Criminally underrated drummer in my opinion.


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We Will Rock You is an absolute classic. I don't know how anyone can listen to it and not be taken by the power of that song. It might have the greatest recorded guitar tone of all time, too. The fast version is pretty cool. The cymbal Taylor crashes during the first two verses is unreal. I think it's a 22" Avedis ride.


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I'd take this version over the radio released version any day of the week and twice on Sunday. That was awesome, thanks for sharing!


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The "official" version blows this away. They really are two entirely different songs though.


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Never released? Not a studio version, but live versions have been officially available for years.
You're right, I knew the live version.
I like very much Queen, I've been redescovering "Tenement Fenster suite" recently, really great.


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I thought it was gonna be a literally sped up version of the song. It would have sounded like rap or something. Sing it in your head at 2x. Do it. Pretty sick right??

Oh well, still cool I guess.