Expanding the brain again!

Bo Eder

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Hey all,

As I continue my journey to get back into playing more and more (thanks again all for everyone who commented so positively on my videos - the band videos are literally my first time with a band in years), I've decided to expand my brain again.

I had never heard of Jojo Mayer until I checked him out on YouTube. I've become such a fan I just bought his "Prohibitive Beats" disc (off iTunes) and picked up his DVD "Secret Weapons for the Modern Drummer". I'm going to reference his stuff to build up my chops. So please excuse me if I'm not around on line for a bit. Class is back in session!

If anyone out there has been positively affected by his teachings, I'd be interested in hearing about what specifically made you better....


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JoJo is indeed quite impressive, and his DVD was very informative. I like that he stayed away from the "chops fest" approach that manifests itself in so many "instructional" videos now. I can't quite execute the higher level techniques (valving, etc.) he displays, but they are fun to practice nonetheless. The level of control he possesses is impressive and certainly something to aspire to.
there is alot of great info on the disc,the chapters on grip,moeller,rebound,have helped my
drumming alot,very detailed and informative.My hope is for a second disc from Jojo on foot technique.