Ever tried a Zildjian A Custom top over an Zildjian A heavy bottom?


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Hey guys,

Just wondering if anyone ever tried this, or what your thoughts on what the sound would be like? I have wanted to hear a A customer over Z, but haven't. I have A Custom 14 inch top and bottom right now. I'd like to go up to 15 inch though.

Just curious on peoples thoughts on what the sound might be like and if it'd be worth looking into?



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Haven't heard that but if you have a drum shop nearby with a good selection of hihat cymbals you could likely try out some combinations. Our local shop has lots of 14's but no 15's in stock. Max Roach used a smaller top hihat cymbal than the bottom.


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I'd imagine you'd get a great, crisp, bright sound. I play AAX Fast Hats, which I think would be the equivalent. It's a Stage Hat top over an 'extra heavy' flat bottom, with three vent holes drilled. Of course having a bell on the bottom hat, and not having the vent holes would make a difference, but it should sound great.